MEGaDUCK Asks California Voters: ‘What’s This “Voting” Thing About, Anyway?’

May 19, 2009 at 12:10 pm

On the day of a critical statewide vote to determine whether to raise taxes by an additional $16 billion in the midst of an ongoing state budget crisis, Republican gubernatorial hopeful MEGaDUCK questioned what the fuss was all about.

“Why do people vote?” the three-time dodgeball champion asked. “Really, just skip it – that’s what I did!”

Last week, MEGaDUCK announced intentions to be the quackiest candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, running on a platform of Ducking Debates, Ducking Reporters and Ducking Voters. A comic strip at chronicles “The Adventures of MEGaDUCK,” and supporters can also follow MEGaDUCK on Twitter and Facebook.

“It’s much easier to focus on your personal life than participate in a representative democracy,” MEGaDUCK continued. “I’m a very busy duck. I’m sure you are, too. Let’s just leave it to the politicians in Sacramento. They seem to know what they’re doing.”

Questioned how many times MEGaDUCK failed to vote in an actual election, MEGaDUCK 2010 campaign adviser Bert N. Ernie paused to think for a moment.

“Let’s see, MEGaDUCK hasn’t voted in four statewide elections since 2003 – including the 2003 recall election when Gov. Schwarzenegger was first elected to office and the crucial 2005 special election,” Ernie said.

“And I can’t remember whether I ducked the 1994 gubernatorial election, when Proposition 187 was on the ballot,” MEGaDUCK added.

In the end, MEGaDUCK insisted on a recount. The campaign also invited supporters to write to MEGaDUCK on Twitter and Facebook and explain why voting is worth 15 minutes of a MEGaDUCK day.

“I mean, don’t you all have something better to do?” asked the often-absent gubernatorial candidate.

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